10+ Rocketman Movie Quotes Which We Loved

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A fantastic movie that is up among the great, Rocketman is a movie to watch. Based on the true-life story of pop legend Sir Elton John, this movie presents a near-accurate picture into the life and times of this legendary pop star and icon of the 20th century. Famous for his wacky styles and revolutionary thinking via his songs, Elton John influenced the feelings of an entire generation. We’ve assembled some of the best Rocketman movie quotes in this post.

Portrayed by Taron Egerton, prepare for a rollercoaster ride as you both love and hate him for his antics and actions. This critically acclaimed movie is already out there, shattering box-office records, and bringing you an eye view you’ve never seen before.

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Rocketman Movie Plot

The movie is set in a flashback tone, told from the viewpoint of Elton John, who is currently in rehab for drug-related issues. He begins to retrace his upbringing.

Elton was a lonely kid as a child and was mostly brought up by his mother and grandmother. His birth name is Reginald Dwight. He shared no particularly strong bond with them, but often wished to impress his father. He started taking up piano lessons. However, his father shows no interest in this.

Elton joins a band called Bluesology while studying at the Royal Academy of Music. His band plays backup for another touring band, from where he is inspired to change his name to Elton John and reinvent his life completely. He starts finding small-time success and is slowly introduced to Bernie Taupin. When outed as a homosexual by his jazz band teammates, Bernie ignores these claims and the duo moves in together.

Elton finally finds success full time in the industry. Yet, he feels lonely at a party when Taupin leaves him alone for a woman. John Reid, a music manager takes advantages of this and begins to manage John. The two of them turn lovers and start working together.

However, it ends in disaster, when it becomes apparent that John was merely using him for his fame and money. Elton is led down a road of debauchery and absolute madness and pressurized by Reid to take on more projects than he can handle. News of his homosexuality also spreads out and he becomes an outcast. he finds himself alone, with no one who really cares for him.

Elton eventually decides to get better and restores his friendship with Taupin. Although he is nervous at first because of complete cutoff from drugs and alcohol, Taupin espouses his faith in him. His comeback performance is a rousing success.

Elton John has gone on to have 2 children with his partner David Furnish and has been drug and alcohol-free for over 28 years now. He is happy and content with his life and is still good friends with Bernie Taupin.

Rocketman Movie Review

Having both elements of a biopic and a musical, Rocketman is an exciting look into the life of Elton John. What was particularly outstanding is that you get a no holds- barred look into his life.

Taron Egerton shines exceptionally in his portrayal. You will definitely be misled into thinking him as Elton John himself. The dedication and passion in his actions are clearly observable.

Major Hollywood review sites were all unanimous in their praise for the movie. You will be hard pressed to find a negative review. The filmmakers also took a huge gamble in deciding to release this as an R-Rated project, which was risky. However, they wound up with a definite masterpiece.

Rocketman also has a list of memorable quotes, sometimes humorous and sometimes, pretty serious as well. You feel a direct connection to Elton himself, as you can empathize clearly how a man could go down a dark path.

Elton’s emotional and physical difficulties due to his battle with handling fame and drugs/alcohol are portrayed well. The challenges celebrities face are no less indeed and Rocketman does an excellent job at humanizing the legend Elton John. He is no longer a flawless human being. He is one of us, prone to errors and misguidance. This is what makes the character so relatable.

Rocketman Movie Fun Trivia

  • Rocketman is the first ever big-time Hollywood movie that displayed a gay sex scene between the leading actors.
  • The movie was made on a budget of $40 mn and has grossed nearly 4 times that amount, making it a blockbuster.
  • Sir Elton John told Taron Egerton, the actor playing him, not to copy him too much and to bring his own talent to the screen.
  • By the end of the movie, Taron could sing all of Elton John’s songs and play the piano majestically as well.
  • The movie remained in production hell for over 17 years, before someone evinced interest in making the movie.
  • Justin Timberlake was Elton John’s choice to play him.

Rocketman Movie Quotes

Here, we’ve collected a few of the finest quotes from the movie. Feel free to share them via your social networking accounts and get it out into the world.

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